Workshop on Proofs and Formalization in Logic, Mathematics and Philosophy


Workshop description

The workshop Proofs and Formalization in Logic, Mathematics and Philosophy aims to bring together researchers from various areas whose work either directly concerns the role of proofs or formalization in logic, mathematics and philosophy, or is relevant for these topics in a more indirect way, e.g. by being an example of the role proofs or formalization play in these fields.

The workshop is part of the project “Optimal Proofs”, a project of Rosalie Iemhoff funded by the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research. It is a broad project within mathematical and philosophical logic on the existence and use of proof systems and the role they play in logic, the foundations of mathematics, and in formalization in general – with the overarching question: what is, given a concrete context, a good proof system?

Current confirmed speakers

Amir Tabatabai, University of Groningen

Michael De, Utrecht University

Carlo Nicolai, King’s College London

Arnon Avron, Tel Aviv University

Martin Fischer, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Jeremy Avigad (online), Carnegie Mellon University

Robin Martinot, Utrecht University

Albert Visser, Utrecht University

Andrew Arana, Université de Lorraine

Johannes Korbmacher, Utrecht University

Alex Paseau, University of Oxford

Robert Passmann, University of Amsterdam

Takahiro Yamada, Utrecht University


The program can be found here. We would like to ask you to send us a title and abstract of your talk by Friday, 2 September.

Talks should last around 40 minutes, excluding questions.