Workshop on Proofs and Formalization in Logic, Mathematics and Philosophy

Practical Information

Date and location

The workshop takes place from 20 up and until 22 September 2022. On the 20st and 21st, the workshop activities cover full days. On the 22st, we will stop early, at 1PM approximately.

All activities take place in the Kanunnikenzaal of the Faculty Club Utrecht, which is located at Achter de Dom 7 3512 JN Utrecht.

Social dinner

There will be a dinner on Wednesday September 21st.


We would like to ask all participants to book their own accommodation, for which they may reimburse at most four nights (arriving on Monday, and leaving either on Thursday or on Friday).

We advise using the search system, which lists available accommodations and helps you sort them using custom preferences. Further suggestions can be found below.

If you wish to make use of our funding for travel and accommodation costs, feel free to book your trip, just make sure to save a booking and payment confirmation. As it is difficult to find an accommodation in the city centre of Utrecht, we advise you to book as early as possible .

If you are looking for a budget option, you may want to check out Stayokay Neude. Another relatively cheap option is Bunk Hotels, which offers both cheap and more expensive sleeping places in a beautifully converted neo-classical church near the waterside of Utrecht’s central station.

More expensive options are Hotel NH Centre Utrecht and Inntel Hotels. Hotel NH Centre Utrecht is a 3-star hotel located at Janskerkhof. Inntel Hotels is located at Utrecht’s central station and offers access to Spa Dôme, a welness centre.

Transport to and from Utrecht is reimbursable as long as it is public transport.